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Logo SchoolSometimes it is not possible to attend face-to-face classes due to time and work commitments, or when having to travel to another city is too inconvenient. Let me introduce to you Sketchup Training School where you can learn everything an Architect or Building Designer needs to know about Sketchup from the comfort of your own computer at home.

We have now translated our face-to-face Sketchup courses into a comprehensive series of videos which you can watch with any reasonable internet connection. Just login to the School area on the Sketchup Training website and the videos are available 24/7.

The videos are sorted into the three courses that we offer, Sketchup Modelling Essentials, Sketchup For Visualisation, and Technical Drawing With Sketchup. Each course is broken down into short video topics that are listed in an interactive table on the school page. Watch the videos from start to finish or find the topic that you want to learn about and just click on it; the relevant video will drop down and you can begin watching. The exercise videos have downloadable files that you can use to practice with, and there are also bonus videos at the end of each section covering tips and techniques which Architects and Building Designers will love; these are being added to constantly.

If you are one of those people who is wasting hours sifting through Youtube videos to find that skerrick of information about how to use Sketchup, the search is over… it is all right here!

We have tried to make access to Sketchup Training School very affordable. No tricky subscriptions that keep billing you when you are on holidays. Just one payment and you have access to the videos. That’s it.



Sketchup Modelling Essentials

Beginner Level

For Individuals



Sketchup For Visualisation

Intermediate Level

For Individuals



Technical Drawing With Sketchup

Intermediate Level

For Individuals


 Coming Soon

 ***For company purchases, please contact Adrian using this form***

The Sketchup Training School is constantly being updated and added to. We want to make this the ultimate Sketchup resource for Architects and Building Designers around the world.

Now if you have attended one of our face-to-face classes, you are in luck! All face-to-face students past, present and future have access to the Sketchup Training School video series. It is just that extra bit of help that you need when you didn’t quite get it the first time around or you have forgotten and let things slip. Just let me know that you are interested and I will send you out your unique login details. - Adrian



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